Erin And StyleTV Return After A Long Hiatus

Well, what can be said? It’s been way too long since we did a StyleTV episode. Hell, they’re called webisodes now, that’s how long it’s been, ha!

Well, UTV (Underground TV) still wants us so we’re going to keep on keeping on. We’ve got two shows planned for the next months. This one below is the beginning of my travels back home to Wisconsin that I want to share with you.

Me and Kamary (ok, Kamary and I) will do our best to keep it entertaining and visually stimulating at the very least. Your job is to watch! Sound like a deal? Cool!

Now, when we made this PART 1 of the show, Willow had run away. Yeah, I know..”Boo-hoo!”. But since making this segment HE’S RETURNED! How cool is that? So, my point is, ignore that information in the show and instead, follow me @StyleTVShow (twitter) where I updated it live!