Retro makes a Comeback pt. 1

“Don’t call it a come back, it’s been here for years.” Retro is making a comeback, actually it’s not just coming back it’s here! At the 2011 Golden Globes Awards, Heidi Klum wore a very funky and retro Marc Jacobs dress complete with 70s style hair and bangles.

J.Lo rocked it back in 2001, oh so effortlessly the denim jumpsuit and floppy hat were a staple, and soon everyone followed suit. Even Britney Spears rocked the red vinyl catsuit in her 2001 “Oops…I Did It Again” video inspired by Elizabeth Hurley’s black catsuit in 1997, Austin Powers. The fashion trend that is already here, is very fun and formal.



Now onto bell bottom pants. I know it may seem frightening at first but it’s perfectly normal! If done the right way you can look fabulous and not dated. Always important, wear high heels, clogs, and thick heels, not stilettos, especially the funky design kind, it takes away from the fullness of the pants. Always wear a slimming top and make sure it’s tucked in, you can accessorize it with a belt chain or a belt, preferably thin.

If you do wear a top over the waist of the jeans make sure it’s not a full voluminous top or else you’ll look like a tent! Something cute and ruffly with a little flounce will do.

If you want to find another alternative to the bell bottom and still keep the 70s look a flared or wide leg pants will do or you can opt to go for a more feminine look, the wonderful wrap dress designed by Diane von Frustenberg that became a 70s staple, it hides those pesky bulges that you may have and you can sport your floppy hat and clogs along with it!

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