Bands With Style – Battlekat

Don’t know the well and their music is not 100% my thing but man… they got some style! Couldn’t resist showing them off a bit around here because I’m a big fan of any artist that makes a fucking effort these days to be visually stimulating. Living in LA we often walk around with a huge ‘been there, done that’ kind of attitude. Can’t lie, I’m no different. However, I’m also the first to acknowledge when someone’s on the tip.

Battlekat comes from England so you can bet they ain’t copying anybody here in Los Angeles, ha! Sure, it’s all really been done before but some things are worth doing again. Two thumbs up you Englanders!

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Does your band have STYLE? I don’t really care what you sound like but if you’re oozing with visual stimuli then definitely contact us. 🙂