Either Flip or Flop

This is for all you men out there that think it’s okay to wear flip flops with socks! Dare I say, but someone must say it, this is an absolute no no!

You’re either a flip or a flop, and guys when you wear socks with flip flops, it’s a flop! If you’re the type that hates wearing tennis shoes, there are slip on sandals and flip flops as well as slip on loafers. If you hate wearing sandals or flip flops or it’s cold and you want your feet to stay warm keep them in socks (clean of course) and put on those sneakers! And if you’re the type that hates to lace up your tennis shoes but want to wear socks and those flip flops look tempting get those tennis shoes and slip them on. Yes I know it may be hard but if slipping those tennis shoes on and off without having to re-lace them is the only way to stop this dreadful horror, then so be it!

And word to the wise NO FLIP FLOP SOCKS! Someone must stop the epidemic before it spreads!