Pick Pockets Wisely – How To Keep Your Suit Looking New

One for the boys

The average mens suit has anywhere from 7 to 12 pockets. I’ve always wondered why they have any pockets at all. Every Style Guru worth his or her salt knows that suit pockets aren’t really meant to holding anything.

Of course you can put things in them and those items will remain in tact. It’s the suit you have to worry about. suitSuit pockets, deep to their core, are simply esthetically pleasing to look at. The shape and form of a quality designer suit is intended to look exactly like it’s made. It’s not made bearing twelve bulges.

Overstuffing suit pockets will certainly lead to a suit looking stretch out of shape, droopy and the penultimate result, looking of poor quality. All in all, leaving a less than suitable impression of the bearers personal style.

As a general rule, when wearing a suit limit what you carry to the thing most crucial to your needs; A credit card. And it should be placed within the inside pocket or your suit jacket. There it will rest with room to move freely and at no risk to creating any unwanted creases in your designer suit.

If you’re the type of person that can’t manage with only a credit card, then store your stuff in your overcoat. If you don’t have an overcoat, then ask your wife to put those things in her purse. If you don’t have a wife, get one. The point is, your suit will remain looking pristine, like the day you paid a small fortune for it, if it’s cleaned properly and the pockets are never used. If the pockets absolutely must be used, one should remain mindful the pockets on the outside of a suit jacket should never be used to store any items.

Remain true to the Style Guru in you. The pants pocket can provide excellent storage, however it should only be used if a suit jacket will constantly be worn as well as that will conveniently coverup the ghastly bulge resulting from thick wallets or awkward car keys. Again, as necessity dictates and depending upon the cut of the trousers, money clips and small cellphones should create little bulk and bulge in the front pants pockets and all and all, the number one safest location out of a possible twelve.